Giovanni De Martino (1870-1935) - Two children busts & young crab catcher (3) - Brons - Eerste helft 20e eeuw

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Three antique bronze sculptures:

Two antique bronze children's heads and a crab catcher boy with net and basket by Giovanni De Martino.

Signed G.D. Martino for Giovanni De Martino on boy bust and crab catcher. No signature found on girl bust but I inherited these three together. From Italy.

A laughing boy (is he a fisherboy with flies in his straw hat? A streetboy?) and a smiling shy-looking girl with a scarf over her hair and tied at the back. A walking crab catcher boy with a basket in his right hand and net in his left hand, over his left shoulder. See some damage to left arm in photos.

BOY BUST: 7.3 cm from side to side, 5 cm base width, 12 cm high
GIRL BUST: 10 cm from side to side, 6 cm base width, 13 cm high
BOY CRAB CATCHER: base 16 x 9 cm, 40 cm high

From Wikipedia: Giovanni de Martino (3/13 January 1870 – 3 March 1935) was an Italian sculptor. He made sentimental bronzes, often of street boys, fishermen or women. De Martino was born in Naples in January 1870? and studied at the Reale Istituto di Belle Arti there under Gioacchino Toma and Stanislao Lista.

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