Beeld, Baby Jezus zegen - Barok - Hout - Midden 18e eeuw

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18th-century all-round wooden sculpture, from the Neapolitan Baroque period, depicting Baby Jesus. The sculpture measures 43 cm; it features crystal eyes and polychrome painting. It comes complete with an antique metal halo and a carved wooden pedestal decorated with gold leaf. The cavity below is in raw wood and stucco, with the irons supporting the sculpture.
The size of the sculpture alone is: H 43 x W 29 x D 16 cm (H= height; W= width; D= depth)
Wooden pedestal size: H 4 x W 16 x D 21 cm (H= height; W= width; D= depth)
Diameter of the large silver halo disc: 15 cm.
Please note: small colour shortcomings in some areas, with a small glued part on the left foot.
Overall size: H 51 x W 27 cm x D 22 cm (H= height; W= width; D= depth)

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