Icoon, Sinterklaas, oké - Tempera op paneel - 19e eeuw

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Icon with silvered riza, not hallmarked.

Riza 19th century. 45 x 52.5 cm.


St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas of Myra (Turkey) also known as Saint Nicholas of Bari
Born in Lycia (Turkey), he became Bishop of Mira in the 3rd/4th century. He took part in the Nicaea council. In the 11th century, Asia Minor fell under Turkish supremacy and in 1087 the Normans brought the saint remains to St. Nicholas Basilica, in Bari
In America he became Santa Claus.
This saint has an important ecumenical role.
The iconography and symbolism of this saint is very rich and relates to the many miracles attributed to him.
The most common images are icons, because the cult of sacred images in the Orthodox world survived until the beginning of the 20th century.
Please look carefully at the pictures.

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