Manuscript - Antiphonary - 1550

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This special parchment is a hand-written musical text in Latin

From a 16th century's antiphonary or choir book displaying a page of music with Latin text about the Apostles.This leaf would have been bound in a huge volume originally used by the choir during mass.
Antiphonaries were volumes containing the sung portions of the Divine Office and were intended to be placed in front of the choir for reference, hence their large size.

Although some details like the initials and arabesque decoration or found on examples from late 15th early 16th century and the sheet is labelledin the format as used in 15th-16th century (upper right in red ink), it probably dates from the later 16th or even 17th century as this style was used over a longer time for this kind of work.

The vignettes were painted in red and bleu ink.

The parchment is in an age-appropriate, good condition. The front is heavier browned than the back. This is caused by the exterior and interior of the pig’s skin. There is some surface dirt and themargins are thumbedand worn at some places due to intensive use in church. See images.

A rare and impressive example of early vellum manuscripts.

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