judaica - Torah scroll, Genesis. Nations Descended from Noah. 18th century - 1700

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Torah Scroll Bible from the Book of Genesis

Genesis 10 - Nations Descended from Noah

The parchment has a beautiful, aged color and the letters remain easy to read. The scroll has a beautiful deep red color like very old scrolls that come from Yemen. This deep color is due to the process used in making the scroll, this process ages to a deeper color over the centuries. The present Fragment offered is the early witness to the various Hebrew Yemeni customs concerning its letters, and as a whole, the writing of a Torah. Torah Fragments like these are extremely rare and seldom seen in synagogues or available due to their age. The Torah Scroll considering its age is well preserved and in good condition and will stay beautiful with care for centuries to come.

This portion is one of a kind with style that was used in Yemen more than 300 years ago, there are typical hebrew letters and style. even though it's history and considering his age is well preserved and authentic historical situation and remain well with treatment for centuries to come.

*heavy and thick vellum - Wild deer vellum deep red colour.

*It originates from a synagogue of Yemeni jews

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