Erasmus Desiderius - Novum Testamentum omne, ad Graecam veritatem, Latinorumque codicum emendatissimorum fidem, denuo dil - 1521

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This Erasmo's work was the basis of most modern translations of the New Testament in the following centuries.

Parchment binding completely restored. The cover and dedication are missing, also the first page of the gospel of Matthew, is missing, although there is a copy of it inserted at the beginning of the Bible, otherwise the entire New Testament, including Revelation, is complete. [16], 511, [1] pp.

Greek and Roman types, wide frame, wooden covers and ornaments. Manuscript dated 1521 on the fifth blank page. Defined and clear paper.
Unfortunately, missing pages do not allow for unequivocal identification of the work.

Some pages at the beginning show moisture stains that do not affect the text.

"Novum Instrumentum omne" was the first New Testament published in Europe. Desiderius Erasmus (1466–1536) known as Erasmus Roterodamus (Erasmus Rotterdam) used several Greek manuscripts preserved in Basel, and verses from the Apocalypse in the Latin Vulgate.

Erasmus contacted the publisher Johann Froben during a visit to Basel in 1514. Most likely, he would have initially planned to include the Greek text, removed immediately, to demonstrate the superiority of his Latin version.

With this book he points the way to a new hermeneutics in the humanities. The revolutionary idea is to study the text of the Bible as a historical text and then verify it from the point of view of textual criticism, subjecting the Vulgate to the original Greek.

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