Bernard de Montfaucon - L'Antiquité Expliquée. Les Heros parvenu à la Divinité provenance Sir John Chester, bar. Chicheley - 1719

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Bernard de Montfaucon
L'Antiquité Expliquée, 1719, folio
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Tome premier: Les dieux des Grecs et des Romains
Seconde partie: Ou il est parlé des Heros parvenus à la Divinité, & de tous les autres dieux des Grecs & des Romains

Spine, bind and block in good condition. Front board firmly connected to the block, but the leather/board itself cracked along the spine. Virtually no foxing.

De Montfaucon was a French Benedictine monk, an astute scholar and regarded as one of the founders of the modern discipline of archaeology. Montfaucon published 15 volumes of L'antiquité expliquée between 1719 and 1724. The work contained copperplate folio engravings of classical antiquities.

This volume covers: Hercules, Bacchus, Satyrs & Fauns, Silene, Sylvanus, Priapus, Flora, Pomona, Esculapus, Hygia, Telesphorus, goddess Roma, Castor & Pollux, Leda, Nemesis, Fortuna, Genies, Lares, Penates, Spes, Concordia, goddess of the night, Mithras, Nymphs.

96 single page and 6 double page engravings.

This volume includes a depiction of the "Coupe des Ptolemées". Eventually, this kantharos it found its way into the treasury of the French kingdom, before it was donated to the abbey of St. Denis. In 1804, the cup was stolen, and the mounts (which are being depicted in this work!) were lost. It is now in the Cabinet des Médailles at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris.

provenance: John Chester, 6th Baronet of Chicheley, Buckinghamshire (1693-1748)

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